Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What? Another Petition?

OK, here's the deal. Here in Texas we have a state legislature that is struggling to balance a budget because for 6 years now the governor and the Republican majority have been cutting taxes and giving incentive money to corporations. And they have failed to collect enough revenue to pay for basic needs.

And from what I am reading, it looks like the Republican-led state house is going to balance the budget on the backs of public sector workers, nursing homes, and sick children.

Such that, as projected by a study conducted by the Legislative Budget Board in this report, over 270,000 total jobs will be lost in 2012 as a result of these cuts, and that jumps to over 335,000 jobs in 2013. This is completely unacceptable. Texans wanted to send a message to Austin in 2010, but I don't think they were saying they would really appreciate it if a third of a million people would lose their jobs.

People need to speak up again. People need to send another message to Austin: stop balancing the budget on the backs of those who didn't have a single thing to do with this budget shortfall. I signed another petition today saying just that. I really like this part:
"These job losses are the direct result of a permanent structural deficit caused by Perry’s out of balance 2006 tax swap plan. Not only are cuts to education and health care a real threat to our economic future; cuts that kill over 335,000 jobs are a threat to our economy right now. It’s time to fix the structural deficit so that future budgets don’t require use of the Rainy Day Fund and find a reliable revenue stream to ensure schools are funded and basic needs of Texans are met."
So what are you waiting for? Click here and sign there.

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