Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Rock – Zerwas – Hard Place

I hate to admit it, but my Republican Texas State Rep, John Zerwas, R - Gas passer extra-ordinaire-  is shocking me. John Zerwas has taken his patient’s temperature and concluded that there is a fever and a sickness that pervades his district. And that sickness may just befall the least of them, his district’s children.

The Texas biennial budget shortfall, he finds, may just harm the ones most harmable. It just may harm the hopes and aspirations of his constituents. The hopes and dreams that they who live in a school district that is able to educate their children so that they can aspire to their hearts’ dreams.

To this end, my heroic Republican State Rep, John Zerwas, has championed the release of the “Rainy Day Fund” so that education in Texas schools shall not fall victim to the poor fiscal decisions of the past. So Texas school children shall continue to learn in the wake of fiscal calamity in the state budget.

What a concept.

From FortBendNow:
“Zerwas said he would ‘absolutely' support using 'a portion' of the rainy day fund to help balance the budget, but leaving 'perhaps a billion in there.'

“Zerwas said residents of his district ‘think it’s raining’ and would support the use of the Rainy Day Fund.”
“'If I go home with a budget that has a sharp edge on it like this one does, with $5 billion in the bank, I’m gonna take a spanking for that, I’ll guarantee you,’ Zerwas said during a forum sponsored by the Texas Tribune.'”
From whom or from where that spanking comes from I, as an HD 28 District resident do not know. My neighbors are unbelievably shallow (for that read Republican) in their world view. Or even in the narrow view of their local area. All they care about is their taxes. And illegal aliens. And terrorists. They haven’t a whit or an idea about education or how much it costs or the benefits of a good education. Unless it is for their children.

Except for their own children: They. Do. Not. Care.

John Zerwas cares. That is very apparent. It’s raining. John Zerwas knows it. I know it. Most teachers know it. Time to rally around (gulp) Republican John Zerwas to help him to convince others that the Rainy Day
Fund is for now.

When the day is raining. As it surely is.

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