Sunday, April 17, 2011

Abu Graib General Tapped for Senate?

Is it at all possible that Texas Democrats will be given a choice between electing another Republican or instead choosing the Abu Graib General to fill the empty senate chair that Kay Bailey Hutchison will leave next year?

It is if this article that appeared in the Star-Telegram on Friday is to be believed.
“Democrats appear to have recruited retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez to run for the U.S. Senate in Texas, setting the stage for the party to field a well-known candidate in the 2012 race to replace retiring Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.”
Sanchez is famously known for being in charge of the Iraqi prison Abu Graib during all of the prisoner abuse that went on. He was cleared of having anything to do with those abuses, saying that he knew nothing of the actions that took place at that time.

And this could all be true. Still, Sanchez admits that he left the military as a direct result of these events.

The article goes on and describes the general’s personal and political viewpoints and his upbringing in South Texas. It also mentions how Sanchez will surely draw Hispanic voters to the polls.

But I can’t get past Abu Graib. I can’t even count up the number of talking points that have been handed to any Republican candidate unless, of course, they plan on running the former commander of the Guantanamo prison facility.

But they won’t of course. First, it would look like they were just being copy cats. But mainly they won’t because running the former commander of a prison where torture and abuse were the rule rather than the exception is just not exactly the best idea.


Marsha said...


HELL NO, I don't want some stupid enough not to have known what was going on. That maybe his excuse but I will vote for my dog Baby Rose before I vote for a jerk who is unable to see what is going on in his own department. I have worked in a men's prison and my Superintendent would hang anyone out to dry from the flag pole in front of the prison if that went on during his watch.

You know that the Democrats will have a different Chair to lead us now that Boyd resigned.

Fenway Fran said...

They couldn't have done better that Sanchez? Seriously?