Thursday, April 07, 2011

Teachers’ Union Endorses Dr. Jonita Reynolds for School Board

It came as no surprise to me that the Fort Bend Employees Federation endorsed the candidacy of Dr. Jonita Reynolds in her contest for Position 5 on the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees. First, because her opponent Patsy, Taylor, was a no-show at their recent candidates forum and did not submit answers to the union’s questionnaire, something that disallows any endorsement whatsoever.

Indeed, from what I am told, Taylor has been conspicuously absent from this race.

But really, that fact notwithstanding, the union simply picked the best candidate sitting on the speaker’s platform last Thursday. Reynolds wowed the audience with her firm and complete knowledge of the matters at hand in school board politics. She has this quality of seeming to look at things with an eye that can truly see the big picture.

No, there was no surprise in that endorsement.

The surprise, I think, is that although there are 3 seats up for election this year, this was the union’s only endorsement. They declined to endorse anyone running in the at-large race though the field was 4-people deep, and with an incumbent to boot. They also declined to endorse anyone running for the Position 1 seat.

Anyway, this was a great choice. Dr. Reynolds, obviously, is a Democrat as her spouse, is the Hon. Ron Reynolds D-Missouri City and I think they agree on most things. But you shouldn’t vote for Dr. Reynolds because both you and she are Democrats, and you shouldn’t not vote for Dr. Reynolds because you are a Republican. You should vote for Dr. Reynolds because we have an opportunity to elect a truly thoughtful and caring person to a school board where being mean and nasty has been a way of life for so many years.

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