Sunday, April 17, 2011

Texas House Redistricting Map is Out and Viewable

Want to know whether you are going to have the same state rep in 2013 that you have for the current legislative session? Go to the website and take a look. What you have to do after clicking on the link is click on “Select Plans,” then scroll down to “PlanH113 Rep. Solomons Statewide House Proposal.” And double click on that map. You can zoom in and see where you live and what district you will reside in.

I got moved from Zerwas’ District 28. Dr. Zerwas, a gas passer, is a moderate Republican (I think). I was moved to Charlie Howard’s District 26. District 26 looks like an amazing jigsaw puzzle piece. It is so contorted that it gives me a backache just looking at it. Charlie Howard is a tool of developers and a misogynist extraordinaire. And the way it looks, it is going to take another Republican to unseat him.

Ron Reynolds’ district looks safer than ever for him. He loses the Richmond/Rosenberg area but maintains his stronghold in eastern Fort Bend County.

New to the area is District 85, a district that once described a patch of land around Lubbock. Redrawn to this area, it’s mostly rural, and takes in Rosenberg and parts of Richmond and then flies down US 59 through Wharton and Jackson Counties. There are more cows there than people.

Too bad cows can’t vote.

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