Saturday, April 30, 2011

Perry's Feud With Feds Serves No One But Perry

Rick Perry is in it for himself.

That was a tagline for the last election when Texans decided that they would rather have a low brow governor backed by Chuck Norris than an intelligent (but bald) successful businessman and ex-mayor of a large metropolis.

So when Rick Perry decides to deride the federal government over their handouts, and takes those handouts whenever he can - except the ones meant to ease the pain of the unemployed - but then co-authors a book (because he didn't write it himeself) called "Fed Up" he wonders why, why oh why doesn't he get federal disaster dollars for the fires in drought-striken West Texas.

One reason: the Feds are fed up with Rick Perry. And guess who suffers? Rick Perry? No, he is making hay on being stiffed.

Texans and Texas are suffering for Rick Perry's antics.

Elections matter.

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