Sunday, April 03, 2011

Buyer’s Remorse: Are You Sorry Yet?

Said State Rep Mike Villarreal this past week in reference to the Republican “cuts only” budget policy:

“I believe our voters send us here to prioritize. They are going to judge us by the priorities we set in our budget. They want to know where we stand on education. They want to know where we stand on nursing homes. When they go into the booth to pull a lever, they’re going to ask themselves who was with them in prioritizing our children’s schools and making college affordable and accessible to all”

Do I think that Texas voters who went to the polls in droves last November to hold a referendum on “Obamacare” are having themselves some buyers’ remorse these days?

Undoubtedly, they are. What with dire predictions of an uptick in the unemployment rate, combined with crowded and underfunded classrooms, it doesn’t get more close to home than that. It doesn’t get more personal.

I guess the other question I need to ask is how Republicans, after seeing what they have wrought, will turn this whole thing and lay the blame on the minority party. Because this is something that they will certainly attempt to do.

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