Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another GOP Presidential Love Fest Tonight

Well it has been just too long since that last GOP presidential debate. Recall what happened at the last debate: Rick Perry imploded, as everyone I know expected – he is, if anything, predictable. And his numbers went south of the border that Perry has difficulty defending – according to his opponents.

So now it will be interesting to see if Perry can dig himself out of that hole. But from what I have seen, Perry has been trying to dig himself out by digging a hole to China.

And the “N-----head” hunting ranch didn’t help.

Herman Cain has gotten a boost in the polls, but this is really a sideshow. There is no way a primary voting Republican will vote for an African-American. Most of these voters would just love to have a hunting ranch named “N-----head.” But it will be interesting to see if the attention he has received in the ensuing weeks after the last debate will translate into a change in the amount of attention he receives. The grand battle of the giants, Rick Perry vs. Mitt Romney, is almost a non-entity now. What will emerge in its place?

And I wonder if anyone has considered that Herman Cain’s regressive 9-9-9 taxation system really translates into a 17-9-9 plan. Really. States already have a sales tax. Most tax at the rate of 8% or above. Do you think that people will want to pay a 17 to 18 percent sales tax on goods and services?

Nobody talks about that.

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