Saturday, October 29, 2011

Obama Foreign Policy Goes Unanswered

It continues to amaze me that the issues that haunted the 2008 election have failed to emerge in the just beginning 2012 campaign season: chiefly issues of foreign policy.

Foreign policy was all what it was about in the Democratic primary. The “It’s ” television ad was a brilliant hit piece that inserted the notion that as president, Barack Obama would be ineffectual and indecisive.

McCain used that very tack in the fall campaign, touting his military service that consisted of, need I remind anyone, getting his Phantom shot out from under him and getting captured by a 3rd rate military.

But when you try to get a handle on what the current line-up of Republican presidential wannabes say about what foreign policy should be, all you hear are crickets.


Foreign policy is not this group’s strong suit. And that is probably a good thing for them since it does not appear that Americans are overly concerned about any non-domestic issues right now. But early on, all you heard from the right wing is about how President Obama was a pushover in the international scene.

Then he launched a murderous campaign to decapitate Al-Qaeda, topple Middle East dictatorships, and continue to maintain a presence in Iraq up to, and just until the deadline to leave Iraq will be reached later on this year – a deadline set by the previous administration, I might add.

Nope, Nick Anderson has it exact, I think. Republicans will not be showing up to debate on foreign policy anytime soon, simply because they have no credentials or credibility in this area.

Beckie-beckie-stan-stan. Give me a break.


Julia B. said...

With the exception of Ron Paul, the Tory candidates are probably all more bellicose than John Bolton, eager to bomb Iran or any other country they get confused about. They would fall over themselves to swear their support for Armageddon.

Greg said...

Odd, charlie, that you would say such a thing after Obama conducted his illegal war in Libya.

Hal said...

My guess is that had Bush been in charge when Libya went revolutionary we would have had boots on the ground, casualties, and Gadhaffi would still be at large. Oh, and neocons would all be thumping their chests exhorting us to support the troops and why are we all so much against the troops.

But when there is success, and a Democrat is in charge, the war is illegal. Greg, so was the Iraq War. There is a new paradigm courtesy of your guy.