Monday, October 24, 2011

Mitt or Rick : A Devil’s Dilemma

Well it seems that the Teabagger Wing of the Republican Party is in for a Devil’s Dilemma, because like it or not, the two most likely candidates to survive in the primary season, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, are the two candidates who have so much in common with a concept and a demographic group that Teabaggers all hate. Illegal immigrants.

Teabaggers hate two things, it seems. Taxes and Illegal Immigrants.

Teabaggers send their children to public school, but hate supporting public schools with their taxes. Teabaggers drive on public roads, but hate paying gas taxes to maintain them. Teabaggers like to go to state parks from time to time, but hate paying state sales taxes in sporting goods stores to support the state park system. They. Hate. Taxes.

Next to that, Teabaggers hate Illegal Immigrants. This despite the fact that illegal immigrant labor keeps the prices here in Texas ever so low. Bob Perry would never be able to sell his homes at such low prices without illegal immigrant labor. If anything, the “Texas Miracle” if it really exists at all, is all due to keeping prices down because of illegal immigrant labor.

But Teabaggers hate illegal immigrants because they are scum and they take more than they give.

And then we have Rick Perry, who defends his policy to giving the children of illegal immigrants a free public education, because not to do so would be to condemn these children to lives of worthlessness.

And that is true.

And then we have Mitt Romney, who, from what I am reading from this LA Times article, signed into law a bill that established a state healthcare system in Massachusetts. A law that as currently constructed, allows illegal immigrants free access to taxpayer supported free health care if they cannot afford the premiums. Because not to do so would be even more costly to the state in terms of lost labor and increased emergency room costs.

And that is true, also.

But Teabaggers don’t see it that way. Their world is black and white.

So what are they to do? Inevitably these two will be the only two to survive because of credibility and the ability to attract campaign contributions. Teabaggers will truly be challenged as they try to decide between these two, mainly because not in the mix is the judgment of who is most likely to give President Obama the biggest run for his money.

They don’t think like that.

They, in short, don’t think.

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