Friday, October 28, 2011

Yankee Whoamon Gonna Vote Fer Mitt

O-cheut! A tarbul thang gist happint tuh th’ chaynces thet Rick Perry has to be Presdent ah the Yew Nahted Staytes.

Sum Yankee Whoamon up nawth in N’Hampshure, thuh dadgum sayme whoamon who flew on down to thuh grayte stayte a’ Teksus sum tahme ago to urge thet goodolboy Rick Perry tuh run fur Presdent has endoarsed, instudda haym, thet otha gah. Mitt Romney.

Thet whoamon, Maureen Mooney, gist put the braykes on Perry, whuch ah bleeve weel probly mayke paypul in N’Hampshure thank twahs abut votin’ fur haym

Ah red about et hair.

Hairs whut she sayed:
“This is Mitt’s tahm n’ this is his yair. He has bayen a frayen of N’Hampshure fur yairs nah n’ is vury sportive of thuh N’Hampshure Publican Party, candates locly, the counteh and stayte. Furthmore, he daimonstraytes a shurpness en evry debayte way have seen haym en thet wayell match up wayul agin Barack Obama. Thet is precahsely whut we nayed.”
Thet’s a lil’ code, ah thank. Speshuly saince thayer bolth gonna bay et th’ sayme ee-vent tanaht in N’Hampshure.


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