Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Iraq War Will End

Fulfilling his promise to American voters, President Barack Obama yesterday announced that there would be no American soldiers in Iraq by the end of the year.  Here is the announcement:

This, ironically, is merely in keeping with a SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) signed by the Bush Administration shortly before Bush left office, a fine point that those who have criticized President Obama over this announcement fail to mention.

I remember when this agreement was being hashed out, recalling that it was, in fact, an international treaty between nations. The Bush Regime, however, wasn’t calling it that even though this international agreement was voted on by the Iraqi Parliament.

My concern at the time was that since it wasn’t ratified by Congress, Bush or his successor could simply ignore the timetable especially as it approached the final exit.

It’s nice sometimes, to be wrong, isn’t it?

This blog began with an original posting on the Iraq War, something that provided an original impetus for starting a political blog. But now, see? It is now 5 years later. And 2,378 postings later I get to finally write this: The Iraq War Will End.


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