Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Fat Man Won’t Run

So, OK, Chris Christie, a Republican governor of New Jersey, a blue state by anyone’s measure, has officially made it official: he won’t be running for the Republican nomination for president.

Christie has officially let down the non-bat-guano crazy wing of the Republican Party, and has doomed Republican primary voters to choose between crazy extremist nutjob  Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, and milquetoast (and Mormon) Mitt Romney, a past governor of Massachusetts who passed Romneycare and raised taxes in his state.

And I know why. Chris Christie knows about branding yourself a loser. Republicans are loath to renominate those who have lost in a previous election. At the moment it is problematic who is going to come out on top of this heap of dwarves. Why risk it? Especially when the field is open in 2016, and Christie has 5 years to lose that 150 pounds of lard that he has put on. Lard that taxes his heart and capillaries. No one his size, and no one in his state of health has been elected to the presidency since William Howard Taft.

And Mitt Romney must be liking this. This effectively ends any additions to the field according to Chris Cillizza in his blog at the Washington Post.

Rick Perry, as I mentioned before, is toast. Michele Bachmann is too crazed for some Republicans, and to female for the rest. And Herman Cain is too black. Newt is, well, Newt, Huntsman is too reasonable (and also a Mormon), Santorum is a joke and Ron Paul . . . Ron Paul . . . is a grumpy old man.

So barring an 11th hour surprise, it looks like Mitt is it.

I know, I’d rather it be Perry, Perry would be President Obama’s dream opponent but in the end, you can never trust what an uninformed American electorate will do. They loved Sarah Palin because she was so “mavricky” and voted for her despite the fact that her running mate was an old, old man.

So it’s probably all for the best.  

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