Friday, October 21, 2011

No Somos Republican

Republicans can’t even hear themselves talking anymore. They can’t even hear, or realize it, when they say something totally offensive to Hispanics in their own party.

Witness Lauro Garza, the former Hispanic activist Republican from Katy, Texas, who has recently resigned from the Republican Party over remarks of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain in Las Vegas this past week.

“We saw this yesterday, in the glare of broad daylight, when a leading presidential candidate, Herman Cain, not once, but twice, advocated for the murder of innocent people and that was met with cheers! … The fact the GOP allows and applauds such outrageous thoughts is beyond reprehensible.”
Now to my knowledge, there is no plank on the Republican Platform advocating electrified fences on the border. I could be wrong, because there are lots of outrageous things written in that platform document, but I think I would have remembered it when I last read it.

The GOP has no official position on electrified fences. However, from the audience reaction to Cain’s plan, wild whoops and frantic applause, it probably should be there. And I think this is what got Mr. Garza’s cabra (goat). He suddenly realized that he was surrounded by a bloc of people who would like nothing better than to see his cold dead hands charbroiled and wrapped frozen around some electrified barbed wire.

But the message that Republicans are sending out, vote for us, vote for us, seems to be falling on deaf Hispanic ears since the GOPers have collectively embarked on this journey of unreasonable and murderous racial hatred.

Hispanics have no reason to vote for a single Republican and conservative Hispanics are now coming to this realization. Now all we have to do is find some way to get the rest of these targeted people to realize that if they don’t vote these maniacs will continue to stay in power.

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