Sunday, May 26, 2013

As American as Apple’s Lie

Encapsulating his own views on Objectivism, the basis of his Libertarian Creed, Rand Paul has spurred his mighty steed to the defense of Apple, Inc., for the innovative ways that it has hidden its corporate assets, reaped almost entirely from a voracious American iPod/iPhone appetite.
Paul claims that he is “offended” by the bipartisan bullying that Apple executives have had to endure from John McCain and Carl Levin, and demands that they “should apologize to Apple.”
I guess he means an apology much like the one that Texas congressman Joe Barton offered to British Petroleum when it was forced by a righteously angry federal government to fork over $20 billion in recovery and restitution for businesses that suffered when their Macondo well blew out in 2010.
I guess what Rand Paul is looking for is something like this:
I’m sorry, Apple. You have billions of tax-free dollars squirrelled away in Ireland supporting entities that have no facilities, no employees and, most importantly, no taxes, and we were too hard on you while you support Chinese sweat shops that surround themselves with nets to prevent their employee/prisoners from killing themselves. You poor, poor thing. How dare they ask you to pay your fair share in taxes?
Something like that.
How about something like this?
Rand Paul needs to realize that something as stingy as a corporation that sucks in all that cash only to hide it overseas, then come to congress to lecture it on fiscal responsibility, has no inclination to support his bid for the presidency in 2016. American love them some Apple products, but that could all turn on a dime if they try to buy a president.
Motorola makes better SmartPhones, by the way.

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