Friday, May 24, 2013

The Tom and Louie Show

Convicted felon Tom DeLay crawled out from the rock he is hiding under waiting for the jailer to slam the cell door behind him when he starts to serve his 3 year sentence for being a crook, a mean and nasty crook at that, to address the Spirit of the Eagle Republican Women’s Club the other day. Or is it the Spirit of Liberty? Or the Spirit of Spirits? No one knows for sure.

And he was accompanied by sitting congresswacko Louie Gohmert of Texas CD-1 both of whom addressed the roomful of Republican women at a luncheon this week. A luncheon that took place at a Baptist church. They were effusive with praise with each other in front of the gushing Republican women, especially when Gohmert said “Benghazi.”

Benghazi” is the new Republican code-word for the N-word. Gohmert says “Benghazi” quite a lot. Some day, it is hoped, he will be able to figure out where it is on a map.

Tom and Louie overlapped in congress for exactly one year and 5 months, but they appeared to be as thick as thieves as they nostalgically recalled each others’ presence on the House floor. They actually do share something in common: they are both embarrassments to their party.

Louie Gohmert is as well an embarrassment to his district. Texas CD-1 is the former district of Congressman Charlie Wilson. Charlie Wilson, you might recall, single-handedly started the ball rolling that ran the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan, and some say, engineered the conditions that brought the USSR to its untimely end. Louie Gohmert? He says “Benghazi” Charlie Wilson? He raised a billion dollars to defeat the Russians in Afghanistan in a covert war. Louie Gohmert has some rather large shoes to fill, and fill him he doesn’t, can’t and will never do.
Flop sweat

Anyway, here is a photograph of Tom and Louie in full embrace with the Women’s Club president who appears to have been suffering from a case of flop sweat.

Some would wonder why Louie Gohmert had his photograph taken with Tom DeLay. I don’t. Gohmert is to politics what Heidi Fleiss was to Hollywood elites. And Tom DeLay, who sought legitimacy on DWTS and nearly dropped Cheryl Butler on her butt, will look under any rock for legitimacy.

And it looks like he found it.

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