Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Michele Bachmann to Resign and Move to Oregon

Well the fat is in the fire, and I am taking Congresswoman Michele Bachmann at her word that she will now be forced to resign from her congressional seat in order to avoid the coming wrath of God to Minneapolis and move, as she has suggested, to Oregon.
At least she has until August 1st.
That takes some of the urgency out of it at least.
Today, Governor Mark Dayton of Minnesota signed the Marriage Equality Act that was passed by the Minnesota legislature this past week.
“Dayton thanked legislators for ‘political courage’ before signing the bill just a day after it passed the state Senate. It passed the House last week.”

In other news, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has avowed that should the marriage equality act become law, it means the inevitable sure and swift reaction from a vengeful god who does not want His creations to love one another when they are of the same sex.
Said Bachmann to a local TV station reporter:
"Sodom and Gomorrah thought they could defy the will of God, and we all know what happened to them. If the governor signs this legislation into law the Minneapolis-St. Paul region will be next.

Fire and brimstone is about to rain down on Minneapolis. Or something anyway. Fire and brimstone is so Old Testament now. Maybe it will be floods from spring runoff. Or a late spring blizzard. Or tornadoes. They have tornadoes there don’t they?
Anyway, Michele Bachmann is outta there now that Governor Dayton has signed the bill that takes effect on August 1st 2013. Where is she going one might ask. Well she answered and the answer is Oregon which has constitutionally banned same sex marriage.
For now anyway.

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