Monday, May 06, 2013

Getting Rush the Bum

I have posted a link to the Rush Limbaugh Sponsor List for a few weeks now and today I hear news that the country-wide movement to silence the bigoted hate-speech of Rush Limbaugh may see victory at a time that is just around the corner.
But instead of getting the bum’s rush as we all hope to see in the near future, it looks like Rush is going to act proactively and pick himself up by his collar and throw himself out into the street.
It’s pretty funny, too. Limbaugh is feigning outrage that the president of Cumulus Media, the broadcast network that syndicates his show over 40 radio media markets, blames him alone for the loss of a hundred million dollars in ad sales because advertisers were refusing to buy ads during Limbaugh’s time slot.
Limbaugh is so outraged that he is threatening to go off the air.
Hey, works for me.
I am reading in other sources that this is affecting all right-wing political talk shows because media marketers are themselves, proactive.
Limbaugh is effectively poisoning the talk show format in America.
But really, I’m in full agreement with Sandra Fluke whose name Limbaugh repeatedly besmirched over the airwaves. I’m going to miss Rush Limbaugh. He has served well as our number one ambassador to the liberal cause.

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Anonymous said...

I'm holding my breath until he actually walks out the door for good...then I can celebrate. This man is evil, vile, and a disgrace.