Saturday, May 04, 2013

Fort Bend Follies Continues

Here in Bat Guano Kahraaaazy Fort Bend County Texas, around election times you can always expect Republicans to be present near crime scenes. Republicans you see, take it as a cue from their elected officials to deny people of democracy. Deny them the ability to vote. Deny them information to make an informed decision. Deny them good people to make good decisions that affect their lives. And deny their political opponents of the right to post campaign signs in public areas, or even on private property.

They’ve been doing it for years, but this year…this time… they got caught red-handed. And it’s better than you think.

The Richmond police arrested Rodney Vannerson a bail bondsman who lives in Sugar Land, when he was seen cutting down an opponent’s campaign sign for school board trustee. Well, no, Rodney Vannerson isn’t running for anything, but his sister, Karen Vannerson, is a paid political consultant for practically every Fort Bend County elected official.

You might remember Karen Vannerson from a couple of blog posts before. In one she is seen in a video blasting away at Troy Nehls who was in a heated primary for County Sheriff. And for good reason. Vannerson’s client was Chief Deputy Craig Brady who had 400 large to spend on his campaign. Vannerson can smell campaign lucre like no one else. In the video, Karen says that she is sick, just sick I tell you, of people going around stealing campaign signs.
No, I'm not kidding. Go take a look.

And this is no different. Apparently there are 4 seats up for election in the school district that borders the one I live in, and all of the Democratic candidates for these seats were being challenged by Tea Party candidates who are funded by WhistlePAC, a political action committee that has raised $27,000 to fund the Tea Party Candidates. WhistlePAC was founded by, wait for it, Rodney Vannerson.

You also might remember Karen Vannerson from before when she was known as Karen Pearson. Apparently after her divorce, Karen decided to revert back to her maiden name, an action that is so costly and time-consuming that few attempt it. Karen Pearson was responsible for the arrest of one Joey Sula, who was then convicted of theft of a half a million smackers from Pearson. Money that she says he stole, but most people think Sula just charmed the pants off of Pearson.

But back to the present-day crime wave.

Also accompanying Rodney Vannerson was an existing school board member Dar Hakimzadeh. A sitting school board trustee at the scene of a crime is juicy stuff, even for Fort Bend County. But more to the point, Dar Hakimzadeh it is said, is also Tea Party, and his presence on the board has devolved the school board to a quivering mass of protein. Nothing gets done, and outrageous requests from him are routine. The goal is clear: the dismantlement of public education from within.

Old Dar got caught and questioned, but was not arrested.

I’m sure we’re not done with this tale of Tea and Trustees so stay tuned, and a big tip of the hat to the Fort Bend County Herald Coaster for reporting this amazing story.

Oh, and by the way, Early Voting for the Lamar Consolidated ISD school board election continues this week with election day next Saturday, May 11th. If you live in one of the 4 districts that are up for election this year, get out and vote because you know that the Tea Party will surely do just that.

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