Thursday, May 09, 2013

Steve Stockman Shuns Sensitivity

Here in Texas we have one of the poorest excuses for a congressman since Michelle Bachmann darkened the halls of Congress with her presence. Steve Stockman formerly of TX-9 before being run off by Democrat Nick Lampson, and who now represents newly created and supremely safe TX-36, is a tool.
Not a tool of the devil. Just a tool.
You can go here and see why. It’s a link to a page within Stockman’s campaign website, a page promoting his latest project: a free raffle to win a Bushmaster AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Stockman suggests that you “grab this gun before Obama does.”
And so, yes, I registered for the drawing. If I win it I intend to disassemble it and throw it in the Brazos River.
Not because I don’t want another gun to go to a gun nut. Not even close. I registered on the off-chance that I might win it and destroy it, because of the raw insensitivity that Stockman is displaying by choosing this make and model of assault weapon to raffle off.
You see, Stockman could have chosen to raffle off a Benelli MR-1 or a Rock River Arms LAR-47. They have similar features to an AR-15. The LAR 47 even has a real sexy high capacity magazine that comes standard. But no, instead, Stockman chose to raffle the very make and model of semi-automatic weapon as was used as a WMD for 20 six-year olds and 6 educators in Connecticut. 
Not only is this whole thing horribly insensitive, I find it sweetly ironic that the winner of the rifle must pass a “dealer’s background check.”
Steve Stockman is so stupid he makes Rick Perry look like Albert Einstein. He is so insensitive that he makes Mahatma Gandhi look like a mass murderer.  Steve Stockman is so worthless that I dearly miss the airspace that his presence in the world displaces.

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