Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gay Boys Can Join the Boy Scouts Now

It’s official. As of January 1st, 2014 gay boys will be allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America.
Now all we have to do is wait for the other shoe to drop as God shows His righteous wrath at both this event and the passing of the marriage equality act in Minnesota. It’s bound to be a doozey now that we have ourselves a twofer.
In reading this MSNBC article on the matter, I was quite taken with this statement from Orlando Florida’s John Stemberger who started a group to oppose gay membership in the Boy Scouts back when it became an issue. It is just so ironic I have to quote it:

“Sex and politics just have no place in the Boy Scouts of America. "The entire process was disappointing.”

Well, yeah, that is correct, sex and politics have no place in the Boy Scout of America, and now perhaps we can move on without them. Gays didn’t make it a sex issue. The last place a gay boy would want to hook up with anyone would be in the Boy Scouts. Straights made it a sex issue. It wasn’t a political issue until opponents of gay rights wielded their righteous indignation that gays should be included in their exclusive club. Straits made it a political issue.
And the other irony that was practically jaw-dropping for me was the fact that the number one sponsor of Boy Scout groups that are religion-based – the Church of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons – were uniformly in favor of the change. This, when the Mormons were 100% behind California’s Proposition 8 which nullified California’s experiment with marriage equality.
Has the Mormon Church truly come around?
But it truly won’t be over until gays are allowed to serve in leadership roles in the Boy Scouts. This is the last widely-held misconception about homosexuals, that they are all pederasts. I am willing to bet that there are just as many homosexual pederasts as there are heterosexual pederasts . Gays are not allowed to be scout leaders out of an unfounded fear that they want to bugger boys. The socio-psychological group that the Boy Scouts needs to ban is pederasts, not gays.

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