Monday, May 13, 2013

Natural Disasters vs. Acts of God

Michele Bachmann is looney tunes. She actually claims that the natural disasters that have occurred are all because of the wrath of God. But that’s not all. She also claims that 911 and Benghazi (which occurred on 9/11) are also the result of God’s wrath.
Everything bad is apparently God’s wrath.
That’s it. That’s the ticket. Last Saturday I was working outside and got a huge blister in the middle of my palm. Very painful, especially when it burst. The palm of humans have some of the highest concentrations of nerve ending in the entire human body. So I’m guessing that if Michele Bachmann is right about natural disasters and planned attacks by fanatical Muslims being a result of God’s wrath, then by God my blister must be similarly an act of God.
So I was looking around You Tube for a quote from Michele Bachmann on all the bad things that happen to us, found them, but then found this little gem. It has very few reads but it cleverly turns it back on Bachmann in terms of Red State/Blue State.
Pretty funny.

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