Sunday, May 19, 2013

For Sale in Texas: Invisible License Plates

Beginning this month Texans, who are offered a vast array of choices for their license plate backgrounds, will have one more choice, and it is a doozey.

Or as they say here, Camo. Or as they spell at Texas DMV’s MyPlates website, Cammo.

Get it? Camoflauge? Ammunition?

Yes, Bubba, for a mere $30 per year you too can render your car indistinguishable from the surrounding environment. Invisible to all but radar. You can buy this little beauty and stick it on your F-150.

Or for only $3 more per year, you can pick a 3-letter 2-number message, like this one.

Fun-99 means that you just had fun emptying a 100 minus 1 bullets from your high capacity magazine into a target that amazingly resembles the President of the United States, or Treyyvon Martin.

Or go the premium route, and for $66 per year you can conjure up your own 6 letters/numbers message on a field of green blotches, like this one:

I suggest the message DEM187. 187, you know, stands for the criminal code section number covering murder.

Texas has just one-upped Kentucky, whose people are well-known for buying real firearms for 4-year olds.

Way to go, Texas.

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