Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Help Wendy Win

State Senator Wendy R. Davis is filibustering SB 5, the anti-choice bill right now in the State Senate. She has another 6 hours to go before the special legislative session ends at midnight tonight.
Right now, the Senate is undergoing a review of a Republican point of order, the umpteenth that has been thrown at her since she began her heroic effort to stop the tyranny of SB 5. Every time someone claims that she has gotten off subject, no matter how narrow the interpretation of what "off subject" is, it is an attempt to end the filibuster. She gets three warnings, as I understand it, then the Senate can vote to end the filibuster, with a simple majority doing the deed.
So Wendy Davis needs your stories. Everyone has one. Everyone who does not have a personal story involving abortion knows someone who has. So go to this website and upload your story. It must be on-subject, and it is limited to 500 words or less.
Go do it. Help Wendy Win.
I did.

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