Saturday, June 22, 2013

Texas GOP Set to Follow Mississippi

Tomorrow is the big day for the anti-choice activist Texas legislature as they have on their agenda, starting at 2 PM, a floor debate on Senate Bill 5, the measure to force clinically unnecessary requirements on Texas clinics that provide abortion services, so that of the ones currently open and taking patients, only 5 will remain in business when the bill becomes law.
That's right, of the many "emergencies" that we have in Texas, this is the one that Governor Perry and the GOP majority has fast tracked for passage.
And while Texas always prides itself in the fact that things that are bad in Texas, like education, are worse in Mississippi, the present measure to be debated is akin to the Mississippi law enacted earlier this year, the main portions of which were blocked from being enforced by a federal judge.
Texas is on a roll, it seems, and is hell-bent on being the state with the most laws overturned in federal court.
So to get us all in the spirit of what is going to be a brutal day for those of us who oppose big government intervention in the personal health issues of Texas women, here is a collection of topical political cartoons, old and new.

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