Friday, June 21, 2013

On Being Repetitive and Helpful

On Thursday, and spilling over into Friday morning, Senate Bill 5, which was being considered in committee with opportunity for public testimony, was challenged by a phalanx of women who stormed the Capitol with the idea to delay consideration of the bill by the House by means of "public filibuster." 700 women signed up to speak for 3 minutes each (a total of 35 hours of testimony) and the hearing, which began in the late afternoon, went until a twenty to four in the AM until the chairman of the committee, Byron Cook, R-VaginasRus informed the assembled hundreds that they were starting to "become repetitive and unhelpful."
Repetitive and unhelpful.
Reminding me that the very purpose of this blog is to be repetitive and unhelpful.
Need I repeat myself that the Republican Party, of any shape, is morally corrupt?
Apparently so. Repetition is a key methodology in education theory. The more I say it, the more one may be inclined to remember it. Maybe even believe it.
Need I post these blogs with the aim of helping the Republican Party do their jobs?
Definitely not. Not my intent, nor was it the intent of these assembled hundreds to be helpful to these committee members so that they may render a reasoned judgment on the bill.
To expect these women to be of any help to this committee at all is to expect that these committee members want nothing to do with total government interference in personal health issues of women.
And you know, the irony is that this committee meeting was delayed 4 hours because of deliberations in the House over redistricting. Something that came about because of their bad behavior when district maps were drawn up the first time, requiring a court case to settle.
Ironic because the House is set to repeat itself once again, enacting bad laws that will wind up in front of another judge.
This kind of repetitiveness is not particularly helpful, and people who are paying the taxes to let these clowns behave badly should be righteously angry.

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