Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ted Cruz: Friend of the Immigrant

Today Ted Cruz, Texas’ junior senator, stood up in front of the Senate and cried a long trail of tears for the poor immigrant, who, lo, loses life, limb and property at the border every day.  No, I kid you not. Here is an excerpt of what must be called an Oscar-moment in the Senate.
From the Washington Post:
"No one who cares about our humanity would want to maintain a system where the border isn't secure," Cruz said, noting that "vulnerable women and children" are being preyed upon by drug dealers and are being "left to die in the desert."
"This is a system that produces human tragedy," Cruz continued. "And the most heartbreaking aspect of this gang of eight bill is it will perpetuate this tragedy. It will not fix the problem. It will not secure the borders." 
Whaaaat? Ted Cruz is now sobbing about the fate and the unfairness being meted out on these law breakers? The Ted Cruz who is famous for saying “…in my opinion, if we allow those who are here illegally to be put on a path to citizenship, that is incredibly unfair to those who follow the rules.
First he was all about no amnesty for illegals and now it’s “Lo, the poor immigrant?
I think I know where he is coming from here. Cruz has been talking up his own path to citizenship which has been lauded in conservative circles as the model for Hispanic immigrants to follow. But now, he has just learned that his dad is talking to reporters and his “pure as driven snow” story about his family’s journey to America is coming out as anything but pristine.
Ted’s dad, Raphael Cruz, came to America circuitously. Fighting on the side of the Fidelistas, Raphael was captured by Batista’s army and imprisoned. Released a year later, he decided to leave Cuba and got a family friend to bribe a Batista official to get an exit visa on his passport.
The first act, you see, of the Cruz family’s adventure to the United States and citizenship was founded on a crime.
And Cruz’s dad fought for Fidel Castro.
So I can see how Ted Cruz has had to change his tune considerably. This news is going to come out, and has come out with a fury.
And now Ted Cruz is in DC crying a river over the poor immigrants’ plights.
Hierba mala nunca muere.
Translation: Weeds never die.


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