Saturday, June 29, 2013

They Don't Get to Choose

Guys, and to my Texas readers (sorry), Y'all, despite what people might think of me, I am not self-isolated from those who hold contrary views to my own. Those who know me well, know that this has been doubly, or even triply the case over the past year.
Just so you know. I don't opine from an isolated atoll in the southwest Pacific. I surround myself with those with alternative views.
So this morning I logged on to Zuckerberg's website to see that one of my fb friends posted this meme on her status.

So, yeah, I didn't let it go unanswered. This is, verbatim, how I responded.
"A proper choice, a good choice. Just not the second choice of two that should be available to all women. And no government at any level, should be able to limit women's choices. That is between a woman, her doctor, and her family. Neither you, nor your pastor, nor your governor nor your congressman get to vote in this."
I don't know if I made any more friends, or developed any more enemies, but these things need to be said. I hate abortion as an entity. Wish it were never invented as a medical procedure. But it is now a choice for women, like it or not. And I will defend a woman's right to choose what is right for her without reservation. If it is an issue with God Almighty, that is something for a woman to work out with God, and not something for Governor Perry or Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst to have to involve themselves with. Texans need jobs. The economy could be better. That is what they need to work on. 
Unfortunately, I will not be there on the 1st in Austin to support the pro-choice crowd that will assemble there, although many that I know will be there. For that I am sorry. I could have been there but things got in the way.
Women who get pregnant, only they, get to choose what they are to do. They get to. Not you. Not someone's pastor. And damn well not some politician who has only political reasons for an opinion in this.