Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Elections Matter

Remember back in 2000 when we had chaos in Florida and as a result the wrong man was elected President of the United States and we have, 13 years later, thousands dead and trillions spent on two wars? Remember that?
Well a small sample of that just took place in Austin Texas tonight and this morning as the State Senate went through what was a very messy process to enact SB 5, the worst anti-choice bill to be considered in America.
Sausage-making is a much cleaner process by contrast.
And here, at the end, we still don't know what prevails. The process was so rife with procedural errors that the whole thing should be thrown out. And at the end, while it seemed to this viewer that they took a vote on "The Previous Question" we have no idea whether it counted.
My pessimistic guess is that it will be rammed through as having counted, but we now have these two opinions to contend with.
State Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston: "We started voting before midnight," and therefore, it counted.
State Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas: "The session is over's over with at midnight," and so, the vote doesn't count.
Funny how bad politics seem to raise its ugly head year after year.
Funny how Republicans and their shady maneuvers always seem to be at the bottom of it.

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