Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are Republicans Gearing Up for Another 1964?

One would think so.
Continuing with the same theme as yesterday’s blog where a discussion of the 13 Republican Party activists in Maine have quit the party for its tax and spending ways took place, we now see, in this article, all of the other similar actions in the Republican Party that – taken together – indicate things are going to go very poorly for them in 2016, if not 2014:
  • Ted Cruz, darling of the tea party movement is going to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Clearly he is running for president in 2016.
  • Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander wrote an op-ed defending himself against tea party attacks.

  • Radio ads are being run against Republican Senators Richard Burr and Lindsey Graham criticizing them for being soft on Obama.

  •  A major party official in the Iowa Republican Party resigned, saying  “I find it increasingly difficult to defend issues and statements made by Party leaders” .
What this is telling us, along with the fact that neither John McCain not Mitt Romney could move the ball against Barack Obama, is that conservatives are going rogue on their establishment and will in all probability nominate another Barry Goldwater to run for president in 2016. What they do in 2014 is anyone’s guess but I would expect some more loses even after the election-rigging gerrymandering that took place after the 2010 debacle.
Conservatives, as opined in yesterday’s blog, would rather be right than be in power.

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