Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rightwing Radio Host Fakes an Assassination of a Black Congressman

Laura Ingraham, an amazingly evil woman, just doctored an audio file to make it seem like someone fired a single bullet at a US congressman as he was delivering a speech.
The congressman? Congressman John Lewis. The issue? Immigration and "those people."
Racism sells. Racism sells. And so does a faked assassination of a prominent public servant.
I went to You Tube to hear it and had to sit through it for over 4 minutes listening to Laura Ingraham's shockingly bad voice - she makes Ann Coulter's voice sound pleasant - before it arrived at the part where she infamously edits in the sound of a gun going off in the middle of Congressman Lewis's speech that he gave at the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend. It cuts off the congressman in mid-sentence, and is followed by a brief "OK" and then dead air for a few seconds.
And then she drones on for another 4 minutes.
So I did you all a favor and edited the clip down to less than a minute so you can hear just the outrageously evil part that Ingraham must now own for the rest of her life.


Anonymous said...

Yeah -- it's not like he George W. Bush or anything like that. If he were, it would be just fine.

Hal said...

Anon, I am having trouble deciphering your comment. My students write better. I have never suggested that "W" be shot. Shooting people for their politics is apparently something that is exclusive to right wingnuts like yourself. W just needed to be relegated to insignificance. Apparently that strategy has worked rather well.