Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lucky 13 Republicans Leave Maine GOP

Isn’t it nice when Republicans eschew power for policy? Isn’t it just the living end when rightwing GOPers decide that their party is too liberal and resign from their various posts in the state party structure?
Well that happened in Maine yesterday as 13 Republican Party officials, including one former US Senate candidate tendered their resignations, opting out of the party that had been their ideological home. Giving it all up, I suppose, so that they can be Libertarians.
So they can be right.
I wish them well and I certainly hope that more and more GOPers tell the Republican Party to go and shove it and then vote a straight Libertarian ticket in their elections.
So they can be right.
But not to win, of course. Being right and winning are apparently mutually exclusive when you are a far right conservative.
Just the way I like it.

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