Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Where's the Poop!

Last July 12th troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, whose purview includes security at the state capitol, started confiscating items of feminine hygiene from would-be members of the state legislature's gallery stating that there were reports of 18 jars of feces (aka poop) and one jar of urine recovered from various toting devices including purses, satchels and backpacks.
Thus began a scandal that came to be known as "Poopgate," wherein there were legal documents filed asking the DPS to produce of the existence of some confiscated material (i.e. poop) in order to prove to an incredulous public that confiscation of these personal property items was indeed warranted. 
To-date, the DPS has been sitting on their alleged poop jars, unwilling to produce evidence of having the poop to prove once and for all that the DPS Troopers were indeed the honest, high-integrity public servants that they claimed to be.
Indeed, they have gone to AG Greg Abbott's (aka Governor-in-Waiting) office to seek relief from the release of their poop evidence. Proof of poop, to their way of thinking, is unnecessary.
But today we hear word that there will be a release of some kind of "other information" on August 23rd.
Now they are still asking the AG for an opinion on whether they have to display the evidence that they seized poop, evidence that must still exist if it ever existed in the first place unless the DPS knowingly destroyed evidence. The AG, known for covering up all sorts of poop from time to time is taking its time mulling over this latest request for poop release.
Evidence of real poop this time.
Now I just have to wonder whether it is appropriate that these public servants should have to prove the claim made by their boss, Lt Gov. Dewhurst, that these poop jars really existed. Dewhurst is known to have some integrity issues himself - to the extent that he committed fraud several minutes after midnight when he altered public records. Because if we question the Troopers' ability to tell the truth in order to whitewash Dewhurst's false claims - this guy who is known to have committed a fraud on public documents - then we also have evidence of conspiracy to commit fraud.
And that can't be true.

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