Sunday, August 04, 2013

Poll Watching

I've been looking at the polls because it's been really slow recently and besides no one really cares anymore about polls or politics because the Trayvon trial is over and our collective memory lasts about 48 hours.
So it's a bit of news to me that 53 percent of Americans approve of "stand your ground" laws despite the poor results that they get in a reality based world. But when Wisconsin passes a law allowing concealed weapons to be carried into bars and other dispensers of mind-altering drugs, you get it. You just get it. You get it that any kind of repeal of the 2nd Amendment, something that really needs to get done in this country, isn't going to happen in this century.
But on the other hand, all the polls have Hillary Clinton as our next president. Now I have to say that at this point in 2007 it looked like Clinton was the inevitable Democratic choice and then she got beaten out by an upstart from Illinois. But that aside, she apparently beats anything that the Republicans can throw at her: she squeaks by Christie by 1 point, Paul Ryan by 2 points, Rand Paul by a whopping 8 points, Marco Rubio by 5 points, and Jeb Bush by 3 points.
We don't even have the mid-term elections yet and we are worried about 2016. One thing for sure, if the Dems can't make a massive pickup in '14 based on the TEApublican record of idiocy and anti-everyone but old white men, then we might just as well pack it in and let the lunatics run the asylum.

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