Sunday, August 18, 2013

Please Proceed Governor...

Remember that? Remember back last year during the 2nd presidential debate how Mitt Romney stepped into a big pile of dog poop over Benghazi but only after being invited to do so by President Obama in his "Please proceed, Governor" remark.
That moment, by the way, is fondly recalled in the Daily Kos right here.
Why I bring it up is just this: if Obamacare is the most certain thing on Earth to fail, why are we not hearing this, or some facsimile of this from Republicans and TEApublicans? Why not?
Just last Friday the RNC made no bones about their fear regarding the Clinton juggernaut that is about to crush their hopes of retaking the White House when they voted both CNN and NBC off of their "primary island." They are preparing, 2 years in advance, for an onslaught. But I have to wonder what the worry is if Obamacare is going to be the disaster that the GOPers say it is going to be?
If what they all say is true, Obamacare should be the presidency handed to the Republicans on a silver platter. It should ruin Democratic chances at holding the White House because it will kill jobs, people and the insurance industry.
But no.
Instead of sitting back smugly with a "please proceed, Mr. President" the do-nothing Republicans in congress are now threatening to shut down the government so Obamacare won't be funded when it comes time to open up the exchanges on October 1st. Not all of them, mind you, just the crazies who don't know or don't care what the last government shutdown did to their party at the polls.
And the reason is, you know, is that these people all know that after all the lies and obfuscation settles and Obamacare becomes America's newest love affair after Social Security and Medicare, this will seal the fate of Republicanism for a generation.
So in a way, all of these threats make sense. The Republicans are getting desperate. Desperate to try again a stunt that dealt them out of power for four more years. They must be looking at the numbers and are saying to each other 'what's wrong with 4 years in the face of losing elections for the next 24?'
Please proceed, Republicans.

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