Saturday, August 17, 2013

RNC: Bullet Meets Foot

Probably the most bizarre political event in a long time took place yesterday as Reince Priebus and his Republican National Committee, in an off-year meet-up in Boston (home of the first tea party), voted unanimously not to partner with either CNN or NBC in staging its presidential primary debates in the next go around in 2015-2016.
They give as their reasoning that each of these organizations are developing special programs on their assumed opponent in 2016, Hillary Clinton. In doing so, they claim, these news organizations are exposing their liberally-biased souls for all to see.
Very bizarre behavior on so many levels. I shall expand and enlarge on 4 of these levels.
Level 1: Hillary Clinton has not yet indicated that she will be running in the next set of presidential primaries, and so obviously, nor has Hillary Clinton been nominated by her party to be its presidential candidate. Yet in this vote the RNC has all but admitted that not only all of this is true, but that they are also scared crapless about the prospect.
Level 2: This is an admission that Republicans are almost insatiable addicts of presidential primary debates. Last time they had an astounding 20 primary debates hosted by just about anyone that wanted to host one. Like any habit, too much of it is a bad thing. In this case America got to see Republicans acting very poorly on the national stage. And like drug addicts they can't control themselves, so in trying to reform themselves, they are forcing a cutback on themselves by eliminating supply. No CNN or NBC reads to me like a prescription for methadone.
Level 3: Republicans have stated as one of their goals to reach out to Hispanics, the fastest-growing minority in the country. So saying no to CNN and NBC is also saying no to Hispanic stations Telemundo and CNN en EspaƱol, leaving Univision as their only Spanish language outlet. And isn't that pretty much like putting all your huevos in one basket?
Level 4: Liberals love this vote

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