Monday, August 19, 2013

OK...OK... I Give Up.

I give up.
Cheap shots at the governor of the state that I have to live in for the present abound on the internets. And I have avoided putting them up on the blog because a cheap shot is a cheap shot.
But man do I feel cheap today. Today I went back to work and have had the intelligence literally sucked out of my head today at Day One of a 4-Day Edumcating Extravaganza.
So here, for your enlightenment is Rick Perry at his level best. Now Rick Perry, to my knowledge, has not spent a millisecond in front of a classroom trying to teach a millibyte of information, but it would appear to me that, like what the intelligent bugs do on the planet Klendathu, all sapient thought has been sucked out of his brain.


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