Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama Sweeps Chesapeake

It has been awhile since my fellow bloggers have made any delegate count postings and I thought maybe they were too busy, so I went and got the CNN tally. CNN, by the way, declared Obama the winner of the Virginia primary by 64% to Clinton's 35%, Maryland by 60% to Clinton's 27% (22% of precincts reporting) and DC by 75% to Clinton's 24%.

Current Delegate Count as of 2/12/2008:

Obama: 1052 Pledged, 156 Superdelegate: Total = 1,208
Clinton: 951 Pledged, 234 Superdelegate: Total = 1,185

The oldest guy that the GOP can field that doesn't have one foot in the grave: still ahead.

For your viewing pleasure and education, I thought I would put up the Washington Post/AP analysis of the historical polling of McCain vs. Clinton should be the race in November, and the same analysis of McCain vs. Obama.

Pretty enlightening

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Anonymous said...

so I'm voting for clinton in our primary. she's the first woman to make it to the top tier, and she's done it with aplomb and tenacity and grit.

I would like to think that, if she's our nominee, we'll line up behind her. I know that, if obama is our nominee, I'll line up behind him. the alternative - any republican, much less either of the two currently standing - is unthinkable.

for now, and as a woman who's lived long enough to have seen and weathered the various fights for rights from the 60s onward, I'm hanging with hillary.

and so excited that the texas primary actually matters! when was it when last we mattered?