Thursday, February 07, 2008

Obama Volunteer Office Opening This Saturday in Houston

Coming off of yesterday’s post on the coming inundation of Democratic Presidential campaign activity in Texas, what could be more appropriate than to post this press release that I just received from the Barack Obama for President Campaign? Some of the information below can also be found at the campaign website, here.

Grand Opening: Houston for Obama Volunteer Office

Place 2520 Southmore

Time 10:00 A.M.

Date February 9, 2008

Join us for the Grand Opening of the Houston for Obama Volunteer Office. Houston for Obama is chargedwith energizing the Houston region’s electorate in support of Senator Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign. As a grassroots volunteer organization, Houston for Obama regularly participates in activities to identify and encourage potential voters, increase awareness of Senator Obama’s positions, and provide a unified presence of support for Senator Obama’s candidacy.

On the heels of Super Tuesday, where no clear victor for the Democratic nominee has emerged, the Texas primary will have a significant impact on the nomination. Houston for Obama is ready to respond by escalating their efforts in Houston.

The Grand Opening of the Houston for Obama Volunteer Office will take place this weekend. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. Supporters will learn about volunteer opportunities to help Houston’s grassroots movement in advocacy of Senator Obama’s campaign for the Presidential nomination. The Grand Opening will be emceed by Speaker Pro Tempore of the Texas House of Representatives, Sylvester Turner. In attendance will also be Texas State Representative Alma Allen, Precinct Judge Clara Caldwell, and former City Councilwoman Ada Edwards. The rally will feature a performance by the Yates High School Band. Following the Grand Opening, volunteers will begin canvassing their support in neighborhoods all over Houston.

The leadership of Houston has shown tremendous support for Senator Obama. The following elected officials have endorsed Senator Obama’s candidacy for President: U.S. Congressman Al Green, Texas State Sentor Rodney Ellis, Texas State Representative Alma Allen, Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman, Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson, Houston City Councilman Peter Brown, Houston City Councilman Jarvis Johnson, At‐Large Houston city Councilman Ron Green, former City Councilwoman Ada Edwards, and Precinct Judge Clara Caldwell.

Join Houston for Obama in getting Fired Up, and Ready To Go! at the Grand Opening of the Volunteer Office on Saturday, February 9th, 10am, 2520 Southmore.

This should be a memorable event. Here is a map to the volunteer office for the future, and also in case you want to join in the celebration as the Obama campaign comes home to Texas.


Anonymous said...

Senfronia should REALLY make up her mind on who she wants to endorse. Quite a few months ago, she endorsed Hillary (it was on Hillary's website, I know because I asked her to attend one of Edwards events..where THEY told ME that it would be uncomfortable to have a Hillary supporter there who had already endorsed her) and now she's listed as have endorsed Obama? Was that a misprint?

Hal said...

I really don't think so. I think that there was an initial Hillary Clinton surge here.

Last summer I swear that more than half the African Americans I talked to about the presidential campaign were Clinton supporters. As time goes on, we see that Obama is capturing "the Black vote" in early primary states, and that has to have an affect. That, and I really think that more and more people are being turned off by the Clinton campaign's divisive tactics.

Without mentioning any names, but OK, Ms. Thompson being one of them, I have noted several Black politicians who have given their presidential endorsement a re-think, and I think it is high time.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Cuban flag with the Che painted over it in a video on a grand opening of a new office in Houston for Obama, being from Cuban descent don't you know that the Che is the Cuban icon that Castro has always used to promote comunism all over the world? Do you know what having "El Che" hanging on your wall means? I am a registered democrat and I was blown way by this sight, I will send the video to my local TV stations to see what they have to say about this. Shame on you for promoting comunism!

Hal said...

Right On!

Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your Ches!