Friday, February 15, 2008

Ron Reynolds Campaign Responds to Smear Tactics: The Gloves Are Off

I have gotten a copy of a flyer that is going out to Texas HD 27 voters this week. It is perhaps in answer to a door-to-door canvassing that Texas State Representative Dora Olivo's campaign has embarked upon.

Sadly, Dora Olivo's campaign has just demonstrated that it is indeed behind a smear campaign that intends to drag the name of a good and decent young man through the mud. They reproduced a blogger's post on Missouri City attorney Ron E. Reynolds, a posting that I suspect has been heavily influenced by information provided by the campaign. I am in the way of knowing that the blogger has been contacted, and has had circumstances explained to him, but has not presented a more balanced story in any subsequent posting.

That's his perogative.

The Reynolds campaign, from what I can see, has decided to respond to Olivo's smear. They intend to respond to their deception with truth: the sad but true facts about this Texas State Representative.

The following is a reasonable facsimile of a flyer that is appearing all over HD 27 this week. I wanted to reproduce it as faithfully as I could so that you can see what is going on here in Fort Bend County: a primary battle that has gone to the next level.

The gloves are off.

Dora Olivo:

  • Funded by the three biggest Republican lobbyists in Texas, as well as GOP Speaker Tom Craddick, Bob Perry's PACs, and a host of other right-wing donors
  • Routinely crosses the aisle to vote against our party with the Republican party
  • Wrote the bill that outlaws stem cell research
  • Has a hostile relationship with many of her Democratic State Representative peers
  • Not endorsed by ANY local Democratic elected officials
  • Has become an ineffective voice in Austin with the worst bill “fail rate” of any legislator in the last Texas House session





Award-winning Civil Rights Attorney
Former Associate Municipal Judge
NAACP President, Missouri City Branch

Endorsed by over 80 Democratic leaders including
Congressman Al Green, Constable Ruben Davis,
Commissioner Grady Prestage, the Honorable Jesse

Paid for by the Ron Reynolds Campaign, Curtis Williams, Treasurer

UPDATE: I don't know how I missed it but it is always possible. Mark B. left a comment with a link here that the above-mentioned blogger commented in a subsequent posting on the Kuffner podcast of his interview with Reynolds. He follows Kuffner in commenting that "you have to give Reynolds credit for talking about this in this way", so I'd have to say that he has backed off a little from his all out assault on Reynolds' character. That was nice.

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Anonymous said...

To update you, the Austin-area blogger whose piece you mentioned, Vince Leibonitz, has since written a blog post commenting on Ron's podcast with Charles Kuffner, and after hearing more information, he seems to have gained a far more positive attitude about Ron.

I really doubt he is aware his earlier blog post is being distributed by Olivo.