Friday, February 22, 2008

Was I At the Wrong Meeting or Was The Chron?

Apparently a Houston Chronicle reporter also attended Wednesday's S.T.O.P. meeting and came away thinking that every candidate had a huge problem with the Grand Parkway toll road to nowhere. I was there and as reported yesterday, came away with the distinct impression that Republican challengers Greg Ordineaux and Bill Dostal were not exactly saying they were against it, or for it either.

Dostal merely said that the existing free access portion of the Grand Parkway should never be converted to a toll road. Then he went on in another direction.

Ordineaux was even cagier. Ordineaux simply said that either the road would be built as a toll road or that the Fort Bend residents could vote for or against it in a bond election, and then pay for the bonds in increased taxes.

That last bit, "increased taxes", is Republican newspeak for "nuclear war", as in "we can have a road built using toll road fees or we can have nuclear war".

Just so you know.

But I have to agree with S.T.O.P. member Geri Wells, quoted at the end of the Chron article. You really don't know what they are really thinking, especially the ones who either used to support the notion of another tollway in Fort Bend, or have been quietly working behind the scenes to enable the eventuality of a tollway.

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Anonymous said...

It's called the pol. deception game or fool the taxpayers and voters. It's one that both parties participate in. Lampson has already approved more TTC money and yes most of the repubs (except maybe Dostal) were lying. I two dems that opposed it outright and 1 that came out on record against it at the meeting (Olivo)...we'll see who is serious.