Saturday, February 02, 2008

Support the Troops, Lose Your Job

Juanita over on her blog at the Fort Bend Democrats' website has a You Tube video with Montel Williams, late of CBS’ Montel Williams Show being interviewed on Fox News. On the video you see a very agitated Montel Williams being asked for his thoughts on the death of actor Heath Ledger. Of this, Williams was shown on live television saying things like this:

“You know, for me, my heart goes out to his family, but I have been repulsed, honestly, by all the coverage. Here’s a question I have, watch this: ‘How many people [troops] have died in Iraq since January 1?’”

Fox: “It’s about 20”

Williams: “No, it’s not about, its 28”.

Later, in answer to the question on why we focus on the death of a famous actor rather than the horrific deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, Williams had this to say: “It’s our voracious appetite to bring on ratings, that’s what it is, we know it, we know it as a fact, let’s be honest about it”.

From there it devolved into the Fox dweeves desperately trying to get Williams back on track to talk about Ledger. No dice.

And at the end of what we see on the video clip, one host abruptly called for a commercial, “…we’ll have more with Montel in just a moment”, only to have Williams gone from the set after the commercial break.

You tell me who supports the troops here.

Fox lost no time in informing CBS that it was dropping Montel Williams’ syndicated television show in its two major media markets, in New York and Los Angeles. CBS quickly responded by canceling Williams’ show, and will wean Montel Williams addicts off of his show by putting on a “best of” series, of which it has 17 years-worth of work to choose from.

Williams enlisted in the Marines in 1974, and eventually graduated from the United States Naval Academy, and served a total of 22 years in the Marine Corps and Navy. So it would appear that this issue is personal with him.

But no matter to Fox News, the media organization that has become the bully pulpit for the Bush Regime and the neoconservative cause. Fox News doesn’t care a whit that they just saw to the end of the 17-year long television series of a veteran and spokesman for our troops living and dying in Iraq.

As Juanita says, Montel Williams deserves a medal for standing up to these corporate servants of the Bush war-mongering machine.

Knowing how fickle the public is about this, I suspect that Williams’ run on the major media has ended for awhile. It seems that the corporation that syndicated The Montel Williams Show, CBS Television Distribution, handles 90% of syndicated television programs in the United States, so they know how to silence people.

I could be wrong, I have been before, but I get the feeling that this is the last we will hear of Montel Williams in awhile.

Unless the rival networks want to pile on . . .

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