Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Swiftboating for Shelley Sekula Gibbs: Texas Style

Guess what I got today? I got a recorded call from John O’Neill.

THE John O’Neill. The guy who torpedoed John Kerry’s presidential campaign like no one else could. The Vietnam veteran who took money to smear the military record of another vet.

Now it appears that O’Neill is taking money from the campaign coffers of Shelley Sekula Gibbs, money spent in order to get him to record a message endorsing her candidacy for the Republican candidate in the TX-22 congressional race.

Now that’s what I call class. He praises her efforts while on the Houston City Council to lower taxes three times. Not to mention her solid anti-immigrant stance (now just WHEN did she come out against those labor depots in Houston? I forget).

Anyway, hopefully you won’t get treated to his gravelly voice.

Oh, and on that concerned citizen stuff who just wanted to “out” a fellow veteran who he regarded as a fraud?

Guess we can lay that to rest.

Oh, hey, The Blue State has a blurb on this very thing.

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