Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blogstorm on Craddick Committee Assignments

Holy Krishna.

Texas Speaker Tom Craddick’s appointments have preoccupied more electrons (each having a charge of 1.602 x 10^19 coulombs) than any event since the general election.

And I’m not talking about Mainstream Media, either, but at my count there are 32 recent news articles online at this moment.

The Blogs are eating this one up.

You saw mine. It examined the effect on the extremes of the Democratic members. Who cares what happened to the Republicans.

Vince at Capitol Annex put up a huge commentary on all committees, then an in-depth commentary on the Elections committee.

Burnt Orange Report focuses on the Craddick D’s and their chairmanships, and on the Pitts removal from Chair of Appropriations.

Eye On Williamson offers another take on the assignments, that it could have been worse.

Grits For Breakfast concentrates, naturally, on the Jurisprudence committee, chaired by Aaron Peña, noting that the committee is Democratic-dominated at 7-2, or 7-1 if Bob Talton makes good on his threat not to attend the committee meetings.

Wilcowise had a tipster who leaked Craddick’s picks and checked the score. Not bad at 78% accurate.

South Texas Chisme also looked at the Courage 27 and how they got the royal shaft, however did not mention Eiland’s and Escobar’s committee leadership positions.

Bay Area Houston bemoans the fact that his ethically challenged representative, John Davis, who was in line to be named chairman of the Health and Human Services committee, was passed over for Patrick Rose, who was owed a favor.

Texas Politics has a few short posts on the committee but the one I thought interesting, because no one seems to be disputing Pitts’ angry reaction to Craddick’s assignments, is this one.

Paul Burka still just has a list up, but promises commentary later on tonight.

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