Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Texas HD29 Votes Coming In

OK I told myself I wasn't even going to check, but I have to have closure on this, even if a Democrat isn't in this race. Our Tammy poured her heart and soul to Weber's candidacy after he beat our man Dr. Anthony DiNovo to a runoff with the Dark Lord Mike O'Day (aka Darth Sith).

You need to know that The Dark Side is having a runoff election, and the lesser of two evils is not doing well right now.

With the Early Votes in now, Here are the totals:

O'Day - R 2,170 60.63%
Weber - R 1,409 39.37%

Total 3,579

It doesn't auspice well. Republicans turn out better than Democrats in the early vote, but now we have a guy who is being partially supported by Democrats who don't want Darth Sith as their state rep. and it looks like they are doing their best to behave like Democrats.

Dr. DiNovo, a Democrat in a heavily R district managed to pull in 40% in the General Election. My hope is that Darth Sith will poll less than the corpse.

More later as I occasion to look in , , ,


OMG, this really is a Republican race.

With 26.67% of today's votes counted, the numbers jumped a total of 485 votes.


O'Day - R 2,476 60.93
Weber - R 1,588 39.07%

Total 4,064

Republicans really DO cast their votes in the early voting, don't they? In Fort Bend County, Democrats won the race in Election Day balloting. Republicans took it in the early vote.


9:10 PM Update:

Weber gains but the outlook is bleak

With 53.33% of the precincts reporting here are the totals

O'Day - R 2,654 59.67%
Weber - R 1,588 40.33%

Total 4,448

So at this rate, if nothing changes, today's totals will be in the neighborhood of 1750 total votes, compared to roughly twice that number in the early voting.

Cold weather tends to keep the voters from the polls, you know.

Looking back on the December 19th Special, not much seems different until Election Day.

Vote Totals on December 19th - early votes: 3525
Vote Totals on January 16th - early votes: 3579

My, they got 54 more people to show up for early voting in the runoff.

And according to my estimate, maybe 2000 fewer voters showing up at the polls today.

But only time will tell. And by the way, it's official, O'Day is currently polling at lower percentages than a corpse in the General Election - but a very popular corpse.

9:24 PM Update:

And like premature . . . well . . . release. It's done

Darth Sith by 898 votes.

My projection was wrong. Only 1078 fewer voters stayed away on this election compared to December.

I know I echo the words of Tammy. HD 29 voters, I hope you are toasty and warm and secure tonight. May you reap what you have sewn.

No, not really. Really, I feel sorry for you and what you have done to your district. I really do.

See you in '08.


Anonymous said...

That is because the 12 reported were all from Matagorda county and the candidates and most of the votes are from Brazoria. DUH!!

Don't need to see any more-- O'Day is going to kick butt AGAIN!

Hal said...


You are right in the past and present tense, Anon.