Monday, January 22, 2007

Rick and Melissa Noriega To Speak on Feb. 16th

I've tried to promote this event on my blog, but no one reads it so thank Krishna FortBendNow has finally put up the notice. No, it wasn't from me although I tried. Someone with more pull with Dunn got the job done.

Don't care. Whatever works. Means, ends, whatever.

So if you haven't reserved your tickets through JoAnne at 281-341-5489 then you need to do this. And soon. This event WILL sell out.

There will be lots of fun to be had. First you can shake the hand of State Rep. (and in another life, Lt. Col.) Rick Noriega who represents HD 145. He did his duty in the War on Terror and is back to tell the tale. Next to shake the hand of his wife, Melissa Noriega who ably served in the State House while her husband was serving his country, and is now standing for election to Houston City Council At-Large Seat Number 3 (Silly Shelley's old haunt).

And THEN, you can help Melissa Noriega"s campaign by participating in the live auction. All proceeds, they tell me, go toward her campaign. Bring your checkbooks, your yellow dogs, whatever it takes.

Inside dope: I hear that the Fort Bend Democrats are going to come out of the woodwork for Melissa Noriega's campaign. First, it gets a good Democrat elected to an important regional office. Second, it keeps their knives and swords honed, and desire whetted to '08 when IT is finally going to happen. When we retake Texas.

If you need a copy of the invitation for all of the ticket permutations, please click on the donkey.
See you there.

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