Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sara Goes To Siwa

I think I mentioned that my daughter is an expatriate living in Egypt. She teaches people there to speak English. Egyptians who can speak English are able to get better jobs for themselves.

Well this past month she and her friend Riis, took a little vacation. It was an all expenses paid trip upcountry to a desert oasis known as Siwa. There's a lot more to the story, but let's just say that they got an opportunity to participate in film making, and Siwa was a key location in the film.

They videoed the trip and edited out an almost 10 minute long video that they posted on You Tube.

I know, it's like me showing pictures of my family on a political blog and it's not cool to foist my family on you. But I am so proud of what she is doing, not only for herself but for people in Egypt, who are just trying to find better lives for themselves.

Now in case you don't realize it, the reason they are calling Egypt a Geologist's Paradise, and the reason they keep displaying fossil specimens, is that this is my daughter taunting her dad. Her dad is a former professional paleontologist. As a matter of fact, she probably doesn't remember this, but I used to teach her the names of indicator fossils when she was just barely old enough to talk. I'm glad to see some of it has rubbed off.

Sara, remember this? "Anomalina dorri. You got A. dorri you got C-Zone."


Sara and Rhiis said...

We find it sad that we have to be the only ones to comment on here. We have cool lives. Hey dad!

Hal said...

Yes, I find it interesting as well that while I drop the "H" from Rhiis' name, my own Sara's name gets edited to Sarah by his parents.