Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tom Craddick's Pet Monkey Bobo?

Sometimes I like to lighten up around here and I have the perfect vehicle for Texas today. There is an ongoing joke here at wehaveyourmonkey.com, and I was particularly drawn to their choice of names in the joke: Mr. Craddick. I was clicking through the vids when I came upon one of the original posts toward the bottom of the webpage.

The text that accompanies the video is eerie in how it parallels political life here in Texas so I just had to share this one. I quote from the website:

Mr. Craddick,

A fine day it is, indeed! It appears that we are no longer acting alone. The great uprising of the masses against the tyranny of the Macarena continues to gain momentum. Now you will have to recognize a new truth. The people are speaking, Mr. Craddick. They are shouting at the gates. Now is the time for you to unplug your ears and face their judgement. “Let them eat cake” will no longer suffice as a response when those all around you are starving for justice.

Adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit, Mr. Craddick,

Dr. Zaius

Here is the video on You Tube that first drew me to this very odd website.

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