Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Read Tammy's Blog: Campaigning in Texas

Tammy is (was) the campaign manager for Dr. Anthony DiNovo, recent hero of the race for Texas HD 29 State Rep. You want an inside story on a campaign? Tammy is a great source. She is sleep-deprived, but tells one heck of a story. Every time I ask myself "What did Tammy post today?" and I go over to see, I come away in hysterics. In an email exchange, she gave me the URL of her blog a couple of weeks ago and I placed it on my blogroll, even flagged it with a "read this". But, in the era of Blogfeeds, what I should have done is do what I am doing here. Go there and go there often. Tammy leaves me in stitches.

I don't know. Maybe it's because I can hear her voice in my head when she rants and raves or maybe it's when I see her uniquely tinted brown eyes dance in my mind's eye as she recounts her experiences. She's an unique young woman (with a 180 IQ, did I fail to mention?) who has a message: "Don't fug with me".

Rarely do "twenty-somethings" impress me. Tammy is the exception to the exception.

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