Monday, January 08, 2007

Yes, The You Tube of Craddick Supporters Entering the Austin Club is Here, Too.

OK, everybody and their brother are going to embed this You Tube in their blogs tonight. So I decided why be left out? 63 known and unknown House members on video entering the Austin Club for a Craddick love-fest.

He needs 75 votes to become the 110th Texas State Legislature's Speaker of the House.

Sixty-three is twelve short. So either he doesn’t have the numbers or someone had to stay home and watch the kids.

You know, if a show of strength is what this was all about, Craddick’s camp just fell on their butts.

If anyone can identify the unknowns, leave a comment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well... I'm guessing that he would have HAD 1 more vote considering I heard through the grapevine that Mike O'Day who is running for State House Rep. District 29 pledged his vote to him...
I guess O'Day figured he made sooo many promises to every Tom, Dick and Craddick..that he SHOULD have won the special election hands down...Guess he didn't even consider that some of the voters actually HAVE a brain.